Philosophy Bag Co. is the first project developed and marketed through the Industrial Arts Movement (IAM). Our mission, though, is much greater than merely developing great products. It is the vision of the Industrial Arts Movement to begin developing local youth programs that encourage kids to be confident and creative thinkers. Our programs will also give them the technical skills needed to follow their creative passions. It is our sincerest hope to make at least a small difference in the future of our country’s youngest citizens. Preserving endangered traditions such as woodworking, leather-craft, metalsmithing, sewing and weaving, etc. by training new generations in these lost arts.


A Simple Mission


To rekindle the lost art of craftsmanship and honor the hand craftsman that preserve these traditions.


We hope to do this through:

Creating a network of Artisans
Educating through Apprenticeships
Outreach to Community through donations of time and dollars
Bring awareness to those craftsman that are still in operation

Leather Cloth Wood Metal

these are the tools of our trade



Industrial Arts Movement, Ltd