I know, I know, we should be in touch more.

 By starting a Twitter account and a Facebook page for you to “like”, and offering an RSS feed and newsletter to sign up for on our site, you had every right to assume there would be some sharing of information occurring on our end. Believe me; that was our intent-we were going to jump right on it, and, once started, we were going to keep the blogs and newsletters coming. Each one exciting and dynamic; jam packed with stuff you couldn’t wait to click open and read, and then felt compelled to pass on to everyone you knew…and then there’s our reality.  Please forgive us, we are old and overwhelmed, undermanned and overscheduled. I know, I know, excuses, excuses. Let’s put that poor performance behind us and start fresh-we want to change, we want to be different. We want to be the brand you want us to be ;)

 I pledge to you to post at least one blog a week, and my goal is a quarterly newsletter. Now that we know how, we will post to our Facebook page regularly, and are even striving to post some videos on youtube (our channel is TheIARTSproject) and vimeo. If you haven’t already, please “like” us on Facebook (facebook.com/Philosophy Bagss) as that will be where we post links to our blogs and videos.  Please keep in mind, that it is just the 2 of us running the whole show over here, so, please understand if we fall short on the communication side of things. You can trust that we are making up for it on the manufacturing side ;)

We really do try to answer every email or phone call we receive, so contact us with something you’d like to know about us-that might help get the blogging ball rolling from our end .

When he isn’t designing and sewing, Troy has been hard at work learning how- to , and then updating our site. We’ve added our bios this week, (with headshots to follow) and hope to  add more to “our philosophy” page, so you can get to know a bit more about the family behind this business.  We will also be posting our current inventory in a quick and dirty video (ala Flying Pigeon LA) so look for that on our FB page as well.

That’s it from our end for now. Thanks for all the support we’ve gotten from you! You have no idea how much it helps to keep us going!  If it isn’t too much to ask, could you please spread the word about our little domestic family business (we need to replenish our daughter’s college fund before she realizes we used it to fund this venture). I wish I was kidding, but I’m not-yikes!  

Keep in touch,

Joan and Troy Cameron

The Philosophy Bag Co family